“Maggie is a respected authority on the legal and financial implications of death & divorce, and the first attorney and author to use humor to enlighten us on such important matters.”
– Jason Gilbert


Why a Trust is a Must

Probate is a Lengthy Legal Ordeal


Expect to spend
1 to 2 years in court

Probate Seizes Control from You


Your hands will be tied as you
surrender all control to the government

Probate is a Massive Expense


Expect to spend a minimum of…
$46,000 for a $1 million estate

Probate is Like a Punishment


It can be a nightmare imposed on
your beneficiaries after you are gone

Essentially, probate means your beneficiaries will pay to
have the court dictate and control them…In super slow motion.

However, an expertly crafted trust
by estate planning attorney Margaret Jones…

green-check-60px AVOIDS probate.
green-check-60px AVOIDS death taxes.
green-check-60px SIMPLIFIES the complexities of co-mingled assets.
green-check-60px AVOIDS court conservatorship for medically incapacitated.
green-check-60px AVOIDS court-appointed guardianship of inherited assets for minor children.
green-check-60px ALLOWS you to control your beneficiaries and their benefits from beyond the grave.
green-check-60px RELIEVES the financial and emotional burden from your spouse or children to handle and figure everything out at the worst possible time.
green-check-60px ELIMINATES stress & uncertainty knowing all your affairs are in order and done properly by a top local expert.
green-check-60px PROVIDES something priceless…Peace of mind.

Peace of Mind

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Do Not Procrastinate or Wait
Until It’s Too Late!

Time is not on your side…Any of us could pass away at any moment.
Probate is like a ticking time bomb placed at the doorstep of your loved ones.

And you don’t have to actually die to be too late.
Calls from clients, their spouses or children prompted by serious illness are often too late to get a proper estate plan in place.

Estate planning is one of the most important
things you will ever do in your lifetime.

And one of the greatest gifts you can give your loved ones.

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